An Extra Thumb On Each Hand.

An Extra Thumb On Each Hand.

Many children can be a target, for something different about them, like I was always the little guy and got pickled on until that growth spurt one year, But Faizan Ahmad Najar just loves having an extra thumb on each hand! His parents are proud of him and glad they rejected surgery when he was born different. His friends call him “Krrish,” after the super-hero star of a Bollywood film series. And Faizan also says, he’s unbeatable at video games!

Dasher and Crank ice cream shop, in Miami, is serving a salmon-flavored ice cream. The cream cheese ice cream is infused with poached blue glazed salmon and fresh dill. People say the ice cream tastes like lox, bagel and cream cheese because the creamery uses real salmon fillets. (WSVN) he only thing worse, would be if your “Fuggy The Whale” from Carvel…was made from real whale!

And finally,

A man from Queensland, Australia recently stripped naked in a do-it-yourself car wash before his friend soaped him up and then rinsed him off with a high pressure hose. The man’s antics were caught on camera. The owner of the car wash is warning people not to bathe in his stalls because his soap contains harsh chemicals that could burn the skin. I wonder if he got the undercarriage waxing. (The Daily Mail.)