Senior Citizens With Tats And Piercings!

Senior Citizens With Tats And Piercings!

This is weird and awesome at the same time…a five-year-old from Shropshire, England is being hailed as a hero for saving his mother’s life. Josh Chapman’s mother fell into a diabetic coma before he looked at his toy ambulance and called the emergency number on the side of it. They were able to save his mom’s life. Good thing she didn’t buy him silly putty instead of that toy ambulance! (The Daily Record.)

A company called, Mission Barns is making bacon…in the laboratory! They take pork cells and feeds the cells “in a warm cultivator” with “vitamins, sugars, salts & proteins.” Once the cells have been fattened “to their limit” the company “harvest’s the tissue,” giving you Lab bacon, or as they call it, “cultivated protein.” So soon in the deli, you’ll be ordering a “cultivated protein lettuce and tomato,” on whole wheat toast, hold the mayo please.

And finally,

Acting your age is so pre-pandemic. Seniors citizens are emerging from the coronavirus lockdown with a newfound wild streak and are heading straight for tattoo and piercing parlors to celebrate their freedom. The trend — which shop owners say has blown up this month — seems to be a direct response to the virus hitting older Americans the hardest. We hear many of those tattoos are functional body art, like home addresses and when to take pills.