What Do You Call A Zoo With No Bars? A Buffet!

What Do You Call A Zoo With No Bars?  A Buffet!

A British man quit his job and is now building a zoo without bars. Martin Blythe says his zoo will have 300 animals, featuring lions and tigers, and there will be NO cages or enclosures. He says his walk-through safari will be safe even though there is nothing separating visitors and wild animals. He hasn’t come up with a name for his zoo yet, but the animals are calling it a “buffet.” (Euronews)

35 aspiring educators from Mexico were recently caught cheating on their teacher exams. The women cheated by painting dots on their fingernails that corresponded to the correct answers on the test. School officials caught them by scheduling a re-test. The 35 cheaters showed up to the second exam with the exact same color and dot pattern on their nails. See, I would have done much better in school had a had a good manicurist. (Oddity Central)

And finally,

KDVR says 40,000 pounds of chicken manure spilled onto a highway ramp in Jefferson County, Colorado yesterday morning. The tractor-trailer blew a tire and rolled over before the stinky chicken waste spilled onto the roadway. The exit ramp was closed for hours while the truck was uprighted and the manure was removed. But don’t worry, they’ll make more.