His handsomeness Almost Caused Me To Crash!

His handsomeness Almost Caused Me To Crash!

Meghan Oeser, of Mokena, Illinois, is homeschooling her daughter, Penny, because of the coronavirus. Penny’s class was recently doing a Show N Tell segment on Zoom when she showed them a bottle of coconut-flavored Malibu Rum! Penny’s teacher wanted students to show the rest of the class something that smells good so Penny held up the bottle. Over 91,000 people have liked Megan’s post. We also hear Penny’s Mom is organizing a field trip to a distillery! (The Daily Mail)

A Pennsylvania man robbed a pizza parlor…right after handing the owner his employment application.  Nicholas M. Mark had just applied for a job at Pizza D’Oro when he snatched the tip jar off the counter and ran outside.  Cops were able to easily track him down…using the name and contact information on his job application! (The Daily Times)

And finally,

NBC says a Chesapeake, Virginia mother, named Sam Watry, almost crashed her car outside of her daughter’s school because of a handsome police officer that was directing traffic. She posted, “Dear City of Chesapeake,I am very worried about the officers you hire. This gentlemen almost caused me to crash my car while attending my daughter’s teacher meet. How can you allow someone this handsome to control traffic? Please do better!!!! Ps. I have an emergency happening at my house right now. Please send him.