Fuzzy Handcuffs and No Key!

Fuzzy Handcuffs and No Key!

The Daily Record News says the Kittcom, Washington police recently received a 911 call from an embarrassed couple. The man and woman were being intimate and using handcuffs when they realized they did not have the keys. They asked the police to come and unlock them. We hear the responding officer went in fully armed with…sarcasm.

Sky News says the city of Opa-locka, Florida has voted to repeal a 2007 law that banned saggy pants. The city issued citations to men and women, who wore baggy pants. The city council voted 4-1 to change their original ruling. Obviously, the city council is on the cutting edge of law reform.

And finally,

Decades of studies has shown that music eases a person’s anxiety. Swedish surgeons will play the radio to patients just to calm their nerves before an operation. A McGill University professor said that people use music therapeutically all the time, to bring themselves up, or to become more relaxed. So those of you in the ER this morning, listening to this…we’ll have some Ozzy to calm you down in just a few minutes.  (Medium)