The Mountain Dew Margarita!

The Mountain Dew Margarita!

There is a new marriage we should celebrate…but it’s not between two people. But rather, between Mountain Dew and Red Lobster! They’ve created a new margarita cocktail called, “The DEW-Garita! Red Lobster plans to pair the drink with their Cheddar Bay Biscuits. (USA)

A missing cell phone in Malaysia turned up with the camera roll full of video and photos of a hungry monkey.  Footage shared on social media shows the animal trying to eat the phone, lost by a 20-year-student in Malaysia.  Zack Rodzi told the BBC that his phone went missing on Sunday. When he called the lost phone, he heard ringing coming from the jungle behind his house, and somehow, the camera roll was filled with pictures of the monkey…who actually also used several filters to make himself look as good as the Kardashians before electrolysis…

And finally,

Some people have gotten creative with what they use as face coverings when out in public, but this British guy really takes the cake — or snake. Bus riders in Manchester were shocked when a passenger boarded the bus wearing a large snake over his face as a mask. Of course, the passengers were happy to social distance themselves from him and the snake. But the local authorities were not amused. They said, while they encourage people to create their own masks, they do not believe it extends to the use of snakeskin – especially when it’s still attached to the snake.” (Daily Mail)