Lipstick On The Hamster?

Lipstick On The Hamster?

A Wisconsin beachcomber discovered what appears to be a brain that had washed ashore on Lake Michigan. Jimmy Senda found the package, wrapped in aluminum foil, fastened by a pink rubber band. Also in the parcel were flowers and Chinese money. Cops don’t think the brain is human, but is waiting for a medical examiner’s confirmation. (I think the brain belongs to Abby Normal…those of you familiar with “Young Frankenstein” are doubled over in laughter just now.)

A fifth grader from Orange County, Florida was recently asked to remove his Hooters coronavirus mask while in school. Greg Golba says the orange mask has the Hooters logo and nothing more. He says his son did nothing wrong. The school says the Hooters mask violates their dress code.  Just another example of Hooters being underrepresented and disrespected in today culture and that has got to stop!

And finally,

Sure, we’ve all accumulated a few odd possessions over the years, but do you have a Rick Astley blow-up doll hidden in a dark corner of your house? One Canadian homeowner left that behind during a move, and according to a major clean-up company, that’s not even the strangest “forgotten” item on the list of weird decor items. Some of the other things they’ve found: a Watermelon-sized ball of human hair…a nude painting of Prince Charles and…a taxidermy hamster wearing lipstick.