A Town Called, “Asbestos?”

A Town Called, “Asbestos?”

Officials in a Quebec town called “Asbestos” said a planned vote on a new name for the town  might be delayed after negative public reaction to the suggestions of names like, Phenix, Apalone, and Jeffery. Mayor Grimard said no one in the town liked any of the choices. Someone suggested a name along the same vain as asbestos….they suggested “Covid” but that didn’t go over well, either.

The Post says a fan snuck into Boston’s Fenway Park yesterday during the Red Sox-Yankees game. The unidentified man threw a baseball hat onto the field, did push-ups and dangled from the edge of a platform, and also yelled, “Boston Loves New York.” The cops caught the man and took him to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation….not for sneaking into the stadium, but for yelling Boston Loves New York…and that’s just wicked wrong!

And finally,

An unidentified couple planning to marry in the near future had allegedly sent an RSVP that demanded to know the value of the gift they would be receiving so they could provide meal options accordingly. For example…if you gave up to $250, you’d have a choice of roast chicken or swordfish…a gift between $200 and $500 could get sliced steak and poached salmon, in addition to the chicken or swordfish…and if you gave between $500 and $1,000..you would be rewarded with filet mignon or lobster tails!