Guacamole On Mars!

Guacamole On Mars!

A Louisiana pharmacy was robbed by a giant chipmunk over the weekend According to the local police, a person dressed in a chipmunk outfit, held up the Medicine Chest pharmacy in Ville Platte. Chippy forced an employee to fill a bag with narcotic medication.  They escaped through the rear door of the store and is still at large. I’d say check for any large holes in the ground, but that would be chipmunk profiling.

The Daily Star says a death row inmate from Indonesia recently used the plot of ”Shawshank Redemption” to escape from jail. Cai Changpan was sentenced to death for peddling meth. He was awaiting his execution when he tunneled through a jail sewer pipe to freedom. Just like Tim Robbins’ character, Changpan planned his escape route for months and created his tunnel by stealing tools from a woodworking class. He is now Indonesia’s Most Wanted Man. (I’d check the local beaches…)

And finally,

Well here’s good news if you’re thinking about moving … to Mars. Scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia say avocados can be cryogenically frozen and taken to Mars. And really, who needs oxygen when you have guac! (Food & Wine)