She Ate Toast And Pringles For Almost A Decade!

She Ate Toast And Pringles For Almost A Decade!

A schoolgirl who ate just toast and Pringles for almost a decade has finally eaten her first cooked meal, thanks to hypnotherapy. Martha Davies, 10, developed her phobia of food as a toddler and would gag whenever she tried a cooked meal. She even refused Christmas dinner. After a two hour session with a hypnotherapist, she was cured! She immediately eating fruit and veggies and even tried her first hot meal a pizza! (I need that therapist to get me OFF pizza.)

You can have your cake and eat it too, with Whiskey! Dr. Bill Lumsden works for a whisky distillery called Glenmorangie. Dr. Bill, whose official title is “Director of Whisky Creation,” developed a Scotch whisky that can be paired with cake. “A Tale of Cake” is a smooth, honeyed whisky, with hints of white chocolate and fruit flavors — and will be available in the United States starting October 1st. (Food & Wine)

And finally, (speaking of drinking…)

Bars make us happy! Researchers at Oxford University have concluded that people who live near a pub are happier than those who don’t. They found that people who had a pub on their street that they frequented had a larger circle of friends and therefore a better social life. They also found that these people are less likely to get fall-down drunk, and even if they did, they’d be falling close to home, so win-win! (BroBible)