Buddy The Elf Cereal is REAL!

Buddy The Elf Cereal is REAL!

Three employees of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in New York City were busted for setting up a man cave in a room below Grand Central Station. They had a futon, microwave, television and a fridge stocked with beer that some employees apparently used to hang out and party. Well, the party is over as bosses figured out what was going on — and shut the place down. The REALLY insulting things is, it was cleaner than most subway stations!(New York Post)

General Mills is releasing an Elf cereal ahead of the holiday season. Inspired by Will Ferrell’s classic Christmas movie, the cereal has sweet corn puffs and green and pink marshmallow Christmas trees. It’s also flavored with maple syrup because Will poured maple syrup on his spaghetti in the film. Ewwww. (People magazine)

And finally,

The Riverhead News-Review says a woman in Southampton recently used her Life Alert button…to bust a burglar! The woman returned home and found Oscar Orrego stealing stuff from her house! She hit her Life Alert button before cops quickly arrived and used a K9 to find Oscar. So instead of their slogan being, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” Their new slogan will be. “Help, I’m busted and a dog is biting my butt.”