The 29 Pound Kitty!

The 29 Pound Kitty!

Amazon just unveiled a bunch of new products that will be offered soon. Among them? A security drone that flies around your home on a preset flight path. You can order the drone to fly around, and tape everything it sees, as well as programming it to fly if it senses any triggers, like doors opening. So, if you’d like to tease your cat while you’re at work,there you go. (

Speaking of cats, a 29 pound kitty from Philadelphia has found a Forever Home. A family from Vineland, New Jersey adopted “Lasagna” after hearing about how overweight she was. The family has agreed to place Lasagna on a diet. Stouffer’s heard about Lasagna’s story and is sending her new family several cases of their lasagna. (NBC)

And finally,

Not many people are taking flights these days, but one airline is selling the best part of the in-flight experience — the beverage cart. Not just the booze…the whole cart, too! Australian airline Qantas recently retired its fleet of Boeing 747 jets, and they’re selling fully-stocked beverage carts from the planes for people to enjoy at home. The rolling carts are being sold for $685. They come loaded with champagne, Australian wines, cookies, pajamas and throw pillows! And if properly placed, it can also block your way to the bathroom, just like on a flight!