He Stole…MY FLOOR!

He Stole…MY FLOOR!

Ivan Cervantes recently got revenge on his cheating girlfriend by having his friend remove the floorboards in her house! He documented the incident on TikTok with the caption, “When your girlfriend cheats, but you paid for her floor.” The woman is now Ivan’s EX-girlfriend.

Bloomberg says a biotechnology company, called Koniku, is developing coronavirus-sniffing robots. The robot contains neurons and silicon chips which allow it to smell the virus and pathogens. The company believes their robot will be cheaper and faster to use than a coronavirus-sniffing dog…but it’s a lot less snugly.

And finally,

KDVR says a University of Colorado-Denver professor recently embarrassed themselves during a virtual class. Students were learning about mechanical engineering when several racy  pictures popped up on their computer screens. They were from a photo gallery on the professor’s computer. Parents and students complained before the University released a statement saying the pictures were inappropriate. Strangely enough, the next day, no one was absent.