She’s Stuck In The Dryer!

She’s Stuck In The Dryer!

A college student in Quebec learned a very valuable lesson about knowing your limits — especially when it comes to drinking and also fitting inside of laundry machines. 21-year-old Rosie Cole was drinking with her housemates when she decided to show off her contortion skills by squeezing herself in a tumble dryer. She said, “They dared me.” She got in easily, but when it came time to get out…she was stuck! They had to call the fire dept to cut her out of it. Strangely, even after spending so much time in the dryer…she came out wrinkly.

A steel company from China recently gifted over 4,000 employees with new cars as a bonus for surpassing their goals! 3,000 Fords and 12-hundred Volkswagens were waiting for the employees in a field. The Jiangxi Iron & Steel Corporation also paid for the license plates, five years’ worth of auto insurance and the taxes on the cars. They are now known as the Oprah of the auto industry…”and you get a new car!” (Oddity Central)

And finally,

TMZ says competitive eater Joey Chestnut recently devoured a 12-pound Walking Taco in 38 minutes. The taco’s ingredients were stuffed inside a Doritos chip bag before Joey devoured them. He ate two pounds of chips, three pounds of ground beef, two pounds of cheese, a pound of salsa, six avocados, onions, sour cream and jalapeno sauce. Someday, Joey is going to explode…and you don’t wanna be there. (Food fight? No, Joey Chestnut exploded.)