The Big Heist of “As Seen On TV” Stuff!

The Big Heist of “As Seen On TV” Stuff!

Two Covina, California teens are wanted for knocking on doors and asking for money for a high school football team. The only problem was, they weren’t ON the football team, even worse, they didn’t even GO to the school! It was a scam. They were only found out after they knocked on the front door of the actual football coach!

“My San Antonio” says Juan and Dalila Perez recently celebrated their four children leaving their home with an Empty Nesters photoshoot. The Texas couple has spent the last 33 years raising three boys and one girl. They took pictures of themselves on a Harley Davidson, holding an empty bird’s nest and holding signs that read “So Sad” and “Hahaha … just kidding”.

And finally,

The Forest Park Review says two Forest Park, Illinois men recently stole three garbage bags worth of “As Seen On TV” products from a local Walgreens. The men were last seen running down a nearby street with their bags. Police are continuing for them. They did leave behind a trail that consisted of a can of “spray on” hair…a slap chop AND “Potty Putter,” where you can practice your putting while you’re…well, you know…