Bob The Crazy Duck!

Bob The Crazy Duck!

This is such a nice thing to do for a dog. A woman has gone viral on TikTok after cutting six small holes in her yard’s fence for her two dogs, so they could look out and also poke their noses through at passers-by. A clip of the dogs using their “lookout holes” has had over two million views. I put the video up on the MAX FB page…and frankly, it’s hilarious.

The NY Post says a British mailman, named Steve Hines, was recently attacked by a duck named Bob. He posted the following apology note from Bob’s owners: “To our postie. We are so sorry Bob has been attacking you (he attacks us too.) He used to be lovely and cuddly, now he is a vicious manic. We have penned him and hopefully he won’t escape!” It’s not really an amusing story, but how do you NOT do a story with a duck named, BOB?

And finally,

If you had to guess the age when most married men cheat, what would it be? This may surprise you. According to a study by the Institute for Family Studies, men in their 70’s cheat on their spouses at a higher rate than other ages. Between the ages of 70 to 79, 26% of men cheat, compared to 13% of women. And get this … 24% of men 80 years or older admit to cheating…at least they think they have. (Best Life)