Space Rocks!

Space Rocks!

According to a new study, salesmen with epic beards are better at their jobs than guys who don’t have beards. Researchers found that men with the beards are perceived as more knowledgeable than guys who are clean-shaven — or even guys with stubble or mustaches. This perception leads to increased trust — and increased sales. EXCEPT if it’s a ZZ Top length beard…then…hide your daughters. (

The Daily Mail says Ernesto Galiotto was recently flying in a small plane above Rio de Janeiro when he accidentally dropped his iPhone out of the passenger side window. He used the Find My iPhone app to locate his phone on a beach. The phone fell 2,000 feet, but still worked and only had minor scratches. Of course, mine can’t take the fall from the table to the carpet, but this guys phones survives a fall from a plane!

And finally,

The China National Space Administration sent a spacecraft to the moon, collected fresh samples of rocks and dust up there — and then safely got the lunar capsule back to Earth. It was the first new batch of moon rocks collected in about 44 years. The ironic part is, they got those rocks back to earth FASTER…than ANYTHING you’ve EVER ordered from China on the internet. (Space)