Buy A Bottle Of Air!

Buy A Bottle Of Air!

If you feel like you could sleep through winter, it might be because our ancient ancestors did just that. Researchers recently analyzed ancient bones from a cave in Spain, and found evidence suggesting early humans hibernated, or something close to it, through the winter. AND what made hibernating even MORE challenging for them…No Netflix. (Newser

People will buy just about anything. A company called My Baggage is selling bottles of Air from various places in the U.K. for about $34 each. They’re being marketed as the perfect gift for homesick British folks and feature air captured on the London Underground and from inside a fish and chip shop, as well as other places. I’d like to bottle the real scents of celebrities…I think Gwyneth Paltro would really smell like something called, “Goop.”

And finally,

Weighted blankets are all the rage this year, and companies market them as providing “blissful” sleep. They are double-sided blankets with six-inch closed pocket squares filled with glass or plastic beads to make them heavier. They range from five to 30 pounds. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the gentle pressure that is evenly applied all over the body, promotes calmness. My wife suggested a weighted pillow over my head, but I don’t think that’s going to end well.