The Buttery Sculptures!

The Buttery Sculptures!

A Rubik’s Cube movie and game show are being developed. The game show would pit contestants against one another to see who can solve the cube the fastest. The movie would be about how Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube. I’d rather see a game shoe based on Twister, but that’s just me. (MovieWeb)

Organizers of the 105th Pennsylvania Farm Show, which will be held virtually, are calling on residents to make butter sculptures for the “Butter Up!” contest. Submissions will be accepted beginning Jan. 9th of sculptures crafted from up to 5 pounds of butter. And NO USING MARGARINE…because then it would have to be called the, “I can’t believe it’s not butter” contest…and that’s just too wordy.

And finally,

The Daily Mirror says a London bridezilla recently forced her bridesmaids to sign a contract with 37 strict rules. The bridezilla, who wishes to remain anonymous, posted her contract online…some of her demands included: -not gaining more than 5 pounds between now and the wedding, not intentionally get pregnant before the wedding, and my favorite,  You will not make any advances towards males in the wedding party. Four of the 10 bridesmaids dropped out of the wedding.