Bride Married A Wedding Guest!

Bride Married A Wedding Guest!

Jaguar Pragan News says a woman from India recently got married to one of her wedding guests after her fiance fled from the wedding hall. The bride cried uncontrollably because she thought her wedding day had been ruined. Her family asked if anyone wanted to marry her. A man, named Chandrappa, volunteered. The two are now planning a honeymoon. I guess that officially makes her the complete opposite of a bridezilla!

Hamms, a Minnesota-based beer brand is offering a chance to win one of 50 “broken-resolution preparedness kits” for when we inevitably break our New Year’s promises to ourselves. The kits include a six-pack of Hamm’s beer and 5 pounds of “restaurant quality” bacon, all contained within a Hamm’s-branded cooler. What, no sweatpants and a stained tee shirt in the kit?

And finally,

The Record-Journal says the Meridian, Connecticut police recently busted a car thief, who tried to escape by calling Lyft for a ride. Jensen Rodriguez was breaking into cars in the area. Cops were on patrol when they saw Rodriguez come out from behind a house and dash to a Lyft vehicle Officers stopped the car and found Rodriguez in possession of a stolen iPhone, stolen Airpods, a stolen watch and money. He was arrested for larceny and trespassing. I hope he gave the Lyft driver a good rating.