She Wore The Same Dress for 100 Days!

She Wore The Same Dress for 100 Days!

Sarah Cole, of Boston, has worn the same black dress every day for 100 days! She took a challenge from a dress company to highlight waste in the fashion industry. Sarah is trying not to buy any new clothes in 2021 and is augmenting her dress with sweaters and other accessories. 100 days wearing the same dress…not bad, but if there was a competition for most days wearing the same underwear, my grandfather would have nailed that down. (WHDH)

A Canadian woman was recently fined for breaking curfew after she was caught walking her boyfriend on a leash after hours. She told a police officer that she was “walking her dog”. The woman has refused to pay the ticket. We understand that Police wanted to question her boyfriend further, but he escaped chasing a car. (The Mirror)

And finally,

The first complete gene map of a platypus has just been released, and it’s every bit as strange as you’d expect, from a creature with 10 sex chromosomes, a pair of venomous spurs, a coat of fluorescent fur, and skin that ‘sweats’ milk. Apparently, it’s also a blend of several vertebrate animal classes, including birds, reptiles, and mammals. So it can use any bathroom it likes.