He Makes $4K a Month Selling Pictures…Of His Feet!

He Makes $4K a Month Selling Pictures…Of His Feet!

The NY Post says a Brazilian model, named Lunna LeBlanc, has asked the Pope to bless her upcoming Playboy photoshoot. She says, “I would like the Pope to say a prayer for the success of my photoshoot.  But, she was told that her request was not going to be considered. I think the Pope might be busy praying for other, only slightly more important things…like the world wide pandemic.

Multiple podiatrists have told the Washington Post they’ve seen a considerable uptick in toe breaks since the pandemic began. They say since more people are working from home, they’re running around with no shoes on, upping the risk of breaking a toe! They also added, it might be because more people are drinking at home while working. (InsideHook)

And finally,

Speaking of feet…The Daily Mail says Jason Strom, of Arizona, makes $4,000 a month selling sexy pictures of his feet online. His fans pay $8 per month to access his pictures. He says, ”My clients have a foot fetish and I understand their fetish,  because I also have a foot fetish myself. It’s enough for me to not have to work at a nine to five and it’s easy fun work.” Is it just me, or do you want this guy to get a huge bunion in the worst way?