He Was Hiding In A Giant Pile of Poo!

He Was Hiding In A Giant Pile of Poo!

This is why we should have disinfected everything we come in contact with, BEFORE the pandemic! The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Police have arrested Eric and Lori Harmon for making love on a local ferris wheel. The couple got busted after a video of their antics was posted online  The couple was also caught making love in a community pool.  In a word…EWWW. (WBTW)

And this is why it stinks to be arresting officer…literally. The West Valley, Utah police recently tried to arrest Adalberto Ozetta on several outstanding warrants. He took off in a car and eventually got stuck in a rural part of town. He ran from the car, but cops were able to arrest him, as he was hiding in a big pile of manure. I can hear the conversation from the police now, “No YOU cuff him, No YOU cuff him!

And finally,

A London man recently spent $400 on vet bills to find out why his dog was limping. Russell Jones, whose foot was in a cast, later learned that his greyhound was copying his behavior out of sympathy. He shared a video of the his dog raising its paw in the air whenever they took a walk together. Russell FaceBooked, “Nothing wrong, just sympathy. Love him!” Imagine the fun…had the dog been imitating Russell’s  incontinence. (Bored Panda)