Airbag Pants?

Airbag Pants?

The Wall Street Journal says Pizza Hut is testing drone delivery and may have their drones in the air as early as June. The weight limit will restrict the deliveries to about 2 pizzas and a bottle of soda. It won’t take place in this country, but if it’s a success overseas, we could see it here, too. I’m pretty sure that will create a new sport called, “Pizza Skeet Shooting.”

Moses Shahrivar has designed a special pair of jeans for motorcycle riders. The jeans have airbags concealed in the legs. They inflate when a biker goes to the ground. The airbag jeans can be deflated and inflated several times. You just KNOW they’ll inflate at the most inopportune moment…like standing in the crowded men’s room at Yankee stadium…you’ll see.(ABC)

And finally,

It was a rare sight in the Sahara Desert this week as the temperature dropped to 27 degrees Fahrenheit and snow began to fall, leaving a glistening pattern of ice on the dunes. Although the desert’s temperatures have been shifting for thousands of years, snow in the desert almost never happens. Snow in the Sahara Desert? Um, isn’t this the definition of, “When hell freezes over?”