Name A Cockroach Or Rat After Your Ex!

Name A Cockroach Or Rat After Your Ex!

The Hurts Donuts chain plans to deliver Valentine’s Day donuts with employees dressed as Cupid. The diaper-wearing delivery people are already in high demand. Each delivery includes a dance, the throwing of rose petals and a special song for the recipient of the donuts. The company has stores in states like Wisconsin and in Omaha, Nebraska, where it’s 18 degrees,  so those better be thermal diapers.

We’re all annoyed by telemarketers, but getting revenge on them can explode in your face…for example…John Karas, of Marietta, Ohio, went off on a telemarketer. Not long after, someone claiming to be John called 911 and said he had just stabbed his wife. John was arrested and then released after cops realized he didn’t make the call. John believes the telemarketer made the fake 911 call.  I guess John REALLY didn’t want that time share in Boca.

And finally,

For Valentine’s day, The San Antonio Zoo is offering scorned lovers the chance to name a cockroach or rat after their ex partner. The roaches are $5, and here’s the fun part, the roach with your ex’s name, will then be fed to various zoo animals! The pre-frozen rats cost $25 and are fed to snakes. Proceeds benefit the zoo.  But you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day, you should drop off the more than lethal Black Mamba snake to your ex’s house today!