Things Brits Love About America…And Things They Don’t!

Things Brits Love About America…And Things They Don’t!

A Mexican woman has been arrested for attacking her husband after she found photos on his phone of him relations with a thinner, younger woman. Her husband informed her that it was actually HER in the photo from when they were dating. Leonora didn’t recognize herself because she was younger, thinner and wearing makeup in the photo. He explained this to her, thru the jail cell bars she was standing behind. (NY Post)

The US Post Office is going to issue new Star Wars stamps this Spring. The stamps will feature pictures of  IG-11, R2-D2, K-2SO, L3-37, BB-8, C-3PO, and C1-10P. These are either Star War Droids, or I just announced the nuclear launch codes on the radio. (WLKY)

And finally,

It seems America is good for some things! A survey of 2,000 British people spells out the top 5 things they like that come from the USA…and they are Apple was #5, then McDonalds, Coca cola was #3, #2 was Disney and the #1 thing they really like from America is Netflix. Among the things they DON’T like from us, include Facebook and the Kardashinas…and our accents! What accent?!  (