How You Can Tell When A Man Is Lying!

How You Can Tell When A Man Is Lying!

The NY Post says singing in German increases the risk of spreading the coronavirus. A study by the Japan Choral Association reveals that singing German songs emits 1,300 particles per minute into the air while singing Italian songs emits 1,100 particles per minute into the atmosphere. Singing Japanese songs only emits 580 particles per minute. So def go to the Japanese Karaoke bar this week.

Buzzfeed News says six Oregon residents recently received surprise coronavirus vaccinations while stuck in traffic during a snowstorm. A medical team had six Moderna doses that were about to expire. The team got out of their car and searched for stranded motorists, who wanted to get vaccinated. They found six lucky people to vaccinate. So who needs an appointment, when all we need is a snowstorm!

And finally,

A new pattern men tend to follow when lying to other men has been discovered. Eramus University researchers found that lying men, imitate the body language of other men they’re lying to. The scientists think men subconsciously mimic their listeners because lying requires a lot of concentration and mimicking body language is easier than thinking of their own. And according to my wife, it’s easy to tell when a man is lying to a woman…and that happens when he opens his mouth and words are coming out.