Tattoo Of Where He Lived.

Tattoo Of Where He Lived.

Charlotte County, Florida police recently had an easy time tracking down a car thief because he left his phone behind in one of the vehicles he broke into. John Rawle was breaking into cars in Englewood when a witness spooked him. He dropped his money, a lighter and his phone. Cops answered the phone when it rang, when John’s father called to say that his son was looking for it. Cops set up a meet before arresting John. Thanks, Dad! (The Sun)

We’ve all done tricks to avoid baggage fees … whether we wear layers on the plane or stuff more things into our carry-ons. But this story takes the cake – or, in this case, the orange. Seems some passengers at an airport in China sat and ate 66 pounds of oranges in less than half an hour after they were told that bringing the fruit onboard would mean a $46 baggage fee. Yes, the four travelers ate 66 pounds of oranges, rather than pay the fee. I’d say they hit their vitamin C limit for the day. (Food & Wine)

And finally,

The Port Richey, Florida police recently arrested a Florida man, who had a tattoo of the state of Florida…in the middle of his forehead. Matthew Leatham called 911 twice for a ride home at 4:20 am. He was charged with misuse of 911 and marijuana possession. When cops asked where he lived, he pointed to his Florida tattoo. (The NY Daily News)