Smuggling Cacti…In Your Pants!

Smuggling Cacti…In Your Pants!

A man from India was recently extorted by his 11 year-old son! The man thought hackers gained control of his computer after they started threatening him and asking for money. The father panicked and called the police. They investigated and found the man’s son was trying to get money from him. He learned about cybercrime…from his fifth grade class! (Oddity Central)

A Wellington, New Zealand judge has sentenced Wendy Li to 100 hours of community service for attempting to smuggle 100 cactus plants through airport security. The 38-year old strapped the cacti to her body before boarding a plane from China to Auckland. Flight attendants found her to be quite jumpy during the flight, especially when they hit turbulence. (Courthouse News)

And finally,

The home of horror movie antagonist Buffalo Bill from “The Silence of the Lambs” has been sold after spending four months on the market. Eileen Allan, the real estate agent based in Pennsylvania said, “We received 6 offers within two weeks of the home going up for sale and several offers were from out of state movie fans!” I wonder what the listing looked, like, “3 bedroom fixer upper, that comes fully furnished including a rope so you can put the lotion in the basket” yourself.” Interested psycho’s only. (Fox)