Hot Tamale Peeps?!

Hot Tamale Peeps?!

Some sweet Weird news, literally speaking…Peeps Marshmallows is celebrating Easter with two new flavors. They include Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon and Froot Loops. Also, Hostess is bringing back Cotton Candy Twinkies for a limited time. The Twinkies have a pink cream. (Anyone else on a sugar high just talking about it?)

Forget flowers this Valentine’s Day … You can now get your sweetie a Maine Lobster tail bouquet. What’s more romantic than a lobster dinner? And now you can get a bouquet of them delivered to your door. Each bouquet kit comes with four 5- to 6-ounce lobster tails straight from Maine waters. And the best part? It helps support local Maine lobster men and women. (Be sure your Valentine doesn’t have a shellfish allergy…or this could go wrong, very quickly. (Eating Well)

And finally,

If everything goes according to plan, a spacecraft from China will arrive at Mars in just a couple days. This mission involves the spacecraft orbiting Mars — and then dropping a rover vehicle onto the surface of the planet in May. It took them a long time to get the space ship together, because they ordered it on eBay…from China. (Yahoo)