“Oh, look, a Trident 2 ballistic missile!”

“Oh, look, a Trident 2 ballistic missile!”

A bright light over the sky of Florida sent some residents into a panic on Tuesday resulting in multiple reports of a UFO sighting. But a local TV station tried to put their minds at ease by telling them that it wasn’t an alien invasion. It was just a Trident 2 ballistic missile test. Experts say the missile was very high in the sky and posed no danger to anyone on the ground. (I would have felt safer if it were aliens.) (WPTV-TV)

Kamala Harris is still running! Kamala is an avid runner, and she has kept up her routine since becoming Vice President. Some fellow runners spotted her running up and down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial over the weekend, with her husband, Doug Emhoff, and winded secret service agents running up and down the stairs trying to keep up with her. (Insider)

And finally,

The Last Tuesday Society is making voodoo dolls for Valentine’s Day. The London store says their ‘Voodoo your ex’ service includes five different curses for your ex-partner. Their website reads: ‘Has a love rat done the dirty on you? Get your revenge this Valentine’s Day with a custom-made voodoo doll.’ Dolls cost $30. Curses include, hair loss, toothaches, speeding fines, credit cards cloned and nightmares. And the gold package includes impotence & flatulence! I say, Go For The Gold!