Corsets Are Coming Back!

Corsets Are Coming Back!

WCMH says tigers at the Columbus Zoo, in Powell, Ohio, are eating well because of the polar vortex and recent Nor’easter. Zookeepers recently made a snowman layered with meat. The zoo’s oldest tiger, Mara, loves chomping on the snowman to get to the steak. Zoo keepers have been warned NOT to wear white around Mara.

Sales of lace gloves are soaring because of the Netflix TV show “Bridgerton”. 82 million households watched the series in the month following its debut. Searches for lace gloves on the web has surged by 744%, also, searches for corsets have jumped by 91%. Or as my wife calls corsets, the spanks of the 19th century. (Business Insider)

And finally,

The Daily Star says North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is cracking down on several appearance fads including mullets, hair dye and ripped jeans. The government says the aforementioned promote capitalism and anti-social behavior. T-shirts with slogans and nose and lip piercings are also banned. But you can wear as many corsets as you want! Wait until he finds out they’re made in China.