Snow…Made From Beer!

Snow…Made From Beer!

It continues to be cold — like, really cold — in many parts of the country. Two guys in Wisconsin made the best of a bad situation by turning beer… into snow. They took a case of Leinenkugel beer, boiled it — and then loaded it into an air cannon to create this beer snow. It worked. And, it was amazing. (The Takeout)

An Amazon delivery truck recently smashed through the front doors of a Roswell, Georgia home. The driver jumped out of his van without engaging the parking brake. The van rolled backwards down a hill and slammed into the home’s front doors. No one was injured. The Roswell Police Facebooked: ‘DELIVERY NOTIFICATION: Package has arrived. LOCATION: Inside your living room’ AND ‘The accuracy of a 300-club bowler.’ (The Daily Mail)

And finally,

According to reports, government officials at the Pentagon have supposedly been testing wreckage from UFO crashes. These reports are based on letters that had to be shared because of the Freedom of Information Act. The letters pointed to “physical debris” from “crashed material from UFO’s. This is all interesting, but I have to ask…The aliens were smart enough dodge planets and asteroids, then they couldn’t park the car here on earth?