A “Silence Of The Lambs” BnB?!

A “Silence Of The Lambs” BnB?!

City mice are SMARTER than mice living in the country! Rodents in urban areas are better at problem solving as they’ve had to adapt to living alongside humans, a study reveals. The experts went on to say that streetwise mice developed improved problem-solving abilities because their  coexistence with humans in cities forced them to become savvier. So if mice are smarter here…we’re all to blame.

A man recently dove into a giant fish tank at the Bass Pro Shop in Sweetwater, Florida. The jumper ignored an employee’s plea not to swim in the tank. The man’s friend shot video of him wading in the tank.  Bass Pro Shops said, “This kind of incident is illegal, dangerous and highly discouraged.” I think to discourage this, Bass Pro Shops should put some piranhas in random tanks, with a sign that says, “Go ahead, give it a shot.” (WPLG)

And finally,

Would you want to stay in the home of a fictional serial killer? Fans of “Silence of the Lambs” now have the chance to stay in the home that was portrayed as Buffalo Bill’s home soon. The home is located in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, and was recently sold. The new owner, Chris Rowan, says he plans to turn the home into a bed and breakfast. He also plans to renovate parts of the home to match the film. I’m sure they’ll plenty of lotions in a basket in your room. (WPXI.com)