The Wind Gave Me A Baby!

The Wind Gave Me A Baby!

A 10 foot, 341 pound crocodile was rushed to the University of Miami  Veterinary Hospitals, for the removal of a shoe she had swallowed in December. The croc’s name is Anuket…and she swallowed the shoe, regurgitated it, then ate it again. Apparently, the shoe fell off a person ziplining OVER THE CROC sanctuary! They put a zipline, OVER A CROCODILE SANTURARY! (No wonder they don’t have to feed them regularly, when food is falling from the sky!)

The “Drinks Business” website says a group of scientists from Georgia want to grow wine grapes on Mars. They plan to build a greenhouse that mimics the conditions on the planet. They then plan to experiment with 350 types of grapes to see which ones could possibly grow on Martian soil. I think the red will grow better…because, you, know, Mars IS called The Red Planet…sorry, that was unavoidable.

And finally,

The NY Daily News says a 25 year old woman from Indonesia claims she was impregnated by a gust of wind. Siti Zainah recently gave birth to a six-pound child an hour after being impregnated by the gust. She said, “I was lying face down, and then suddenly I felt a gust of wind enter my “bathing suit area.” This proves one thing…even the wind has better luck with the ladies than I do.