Cocaine Frosted Flakes?!

Cocaine Frosted Flakes?!

Is marriage success in your DNA? A new study from the University of Arkansas found that the key to a happy marriage may, in fact, be determined by your genes. Specifically, there is a gene variation – one that relates to traits such as bonding and gratitude — that may affect how successful your relationship is. So … it’s not your fault … it’s your DNA!

The Post says sales of Gorilla Glue have skyrocketed by over 4,000%, since Tessica Brown placed it on her head and went viral. Google searches for Gorilla Glue have jumped 50-fold in a month. Since the start of 2021, Gorilla Glue has only spent $411 on advertising because of all of the free publicity they have received from Tessica. ( I accidentally glued my fingers together with Crazy Glue…where’s MY go fund me page.)

And finally,

WLNS says drug dealers are now using Corn Flakes to hide their drugs. Customs officials in Cincinnati recently intercepted a drug shipment that was on its way from South America to Hong Kong. A K-9 sniffred out 44 lb of cocaine-coated Corn Flakes in a shipping container. The drug dealers melted the cocaine down before pouring it on the cereal. I saw one of those boxes of cocaine cereal on the shelf at stop and shop…it was $5000 a box…but it did come with a prize inside.