Spiders In The Library! Lots Of Them!

Spiders In The Library! Lots Of Them!

The Post says a court in China has ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $7,700 for the housework she did when they were married. China recently passed a law that says breadwinning ex-spouses must pay for the work their former partner did in their home. (If I had to play my wife the stuff I said I would do…she’s be the next Bill Gates.)

Sometimes animals really benefit from human help—even wild ones. The Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary says a sheep was found living in the wild near Lancefield, Victoria, Australia, and rescuers believe the animal was on his own for several years. They brought the animal, which they named Baarack, back to the farm and sheared him. They say the wool they removed weighed in at 78 pounds. (78 pounds of wool…he had to be REALLY itchy.)

And finally,

If you’re looking for research materials on venomous recluse spiders native to the Mediterranean region, you need not look further than the University of Michigan library. They have lots of them — venomous spiders, that is.  The university closed the library on its main campus after the discovery of the potentially deadly spiders in the basement and other remote areas. Pest management is treating the areas where they were found.The burning question is, when you see a deadly spider crawling on you, how do you yell for help…in a library? (Whisper, “Help! Help!”)