Space Aliens in Vegas!

Space Aliens in Vegas!

Vice magazine says men are buying donkey meat to boost their sex drive. The trend started in India because men believe the meat as an aphrodisiac. Two pounds of donkey meat can sell for as much as $274. So if you guy is acting like a (fill in another word for donkey, here,) you’ll know why.

The Pasadena, California police recently arrested John Thorne for hitting a Best Buy security guard over the head with a stolen laptop. The 30 year-old was leaving the store with the computer, a Bose speaker and two power banks when the guard asked for his receipt. John hit the guard over the head with the laptop and then fled on a train. But his plan was not really thought out carefully,. because cops went to the next station, where they arrested him for robbery. (Pasadena Now)

And finally,

The Daily Star says hundreds of Las Vegas residents have spotted glowing orbs over the city in the past week. People are posting pictures of the UFOs. Some say the UFOs are military flares. The Department of Homeland Security says the orbs do not look like their flares. Yeah, that;s what we need…for the Aliens to get their first impressions of the human race, by landing on the Vegas strip.