“Jaws” In His Above Ground Pool!

“Jaws” In His Above Ground Pool!

A New York man, named Joshua Seguine, recently plead guilty to trafficking sharks. He had seven of them in his above ground pool in his backyard. Joshua was fined $5,000. He also had sharks living in his home in other tanks. The sharks have been taken to an aquarium on Coney Island. Kids, this is another reason not to go “pool hoping” in your neighborhood…(TMZ)

A snake breeder in Georgia figured out a way to breed an albino python — that had a “smiley face” emoji on it. His hard work paid off, as he was able to sell the snake for $6,000. The snake breeder — Justin Kobylka — didn’t just get one “smiley face” emoji on the python. He ended up with three yellowish smiley faces on its side. Shoudn’t he have worked on getting the phone number for the venom hotline on the snakes? (WTVG-TV)

And finally,

The Daily Mail says an eight-year-old Rubik’s Cube enthusiast from India broke a Guinness World Record by solving three cubes at once in one minute and 30 seconds. Atharva Bhat, solved a Rubik’s Cube with each hand and one with his feet at the same time. I could solve a rubix cube with my feet, but with the weight I’ve gained during the pandemic…I can’t see my feet.