The Porch Pirate Was A Pooch!

The Porch Pirate Was A Pooch!

The government of Taiwan is urging residents not to legally change their name to Salmon in order to get free sushi. A seafood restaurant chain called Sushiro’s launched a promotion offering free sushi to anyone named Salmon. Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior says 100 people have already registered to change their name. Across town, another restaurant is doing a similar promotion with their poo poo platter, but no one has changed their¬† name to that…yet. (Taiwan News)

The NY Post says Joshua Karpe recently stole a Frito-Lay truck in Oklahoma City. The truck’s driver was inside a gas station when Joshua hopped in the driver’s seat and took off. Cops had no problem identifying the truck… because it had pictures of Doritos on the side of it! Cops chased Joshua through three counties before shooting out his tires to slow him. He was eventually arrested.

And finally,

Jenny Anchondo, of Dallas, recently caught a dog stealing a package from her porch. She and her husband were sleeping when their Ring doorbell camera alarm went off. They watched as a white Great Pyrenees crept up on their porch, put their package in his mouth and ran off.  It contained skin care products. Cops are on the look-out for an dog with incredible bronzing and eyes that pop! (The Daily Mail)