Guys Wearing Skirts Is IN!

Guys Wearing Skirts Is IN!

A woman in Kansas was pulled over for driving 149 mph! Police say they keep patrols on that stretch of highway because drivers are known to exceed the speed limit, but 149 mph was jaw-dropping! Even more impressive, is that the cop was able to catch up to her and get her to pull over. The woman tried to defend herself by saying, she was only going 128 mph, not 149. She was issued a citation.

Researchers at the University of California-San Diego believe mushrooms can help fight the coronavirus. Researcher Gordon Saxe says, “We think mushrooms may have the ability to reduce the severity of COVID. Turkey tail and a-garikon. Both are native to old growth forests in North America. However, they do not have hallucinogenic properties. That would have made mushroom pizza SO much more popular. (KGTV)

And finally,

Guys wearing skirts is officially a fashion trend. Big-time fashion designers are putting men’s skirts into their collections. And, some guys who wear these things say it’s “super freeing!” And ladies, just a warning, a lot mof these guys are not wearing slips. (The Guardian)