This Is My Emotional Support…The Python.

This Is My Emotional Support…The Python.

You’ve hear of The Village” retirement community in Florida, well, an 81 year-old resident was recently arrested for driving a golf cart while drunk. Donald Flowers fell out of his golf cart and skinned his knee and elbow before cops quickly arrived and found him in possession of vodka. The asked him to SAY the alphabet…which he couldn’t do, so he sang it instead, which he was able to do. The arrested him anyway.

The Fort Walton Beach, Florida police recently conducted a DUI checkpoint. They encountered one driver with a python on his lap. The man told cops that the snake was his emotional support animal. Of course, there’s nothing like a nice, long hug from a python…until it crushes the life out of you. (WALA)

And finally,

The Vancouver Police are looking for a man, who recently popped bubble wrap. The criminal part of this is, the bubble wrap is part of a $14,000 installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The sculpture is crafted from velcro, zip ties, reflective tape and bubble wrap. The prankster entered the art gallery and popped the bubble wrap before leaving. Damage is estimated at $6,500. I think it’s entrapment…how can you stand next to bubble wrap and NOT pop it. (Newser)