The “Achy-Breaky-Bad-Mistakey!”

The “Achy-Breaky-Bad-Mistakey!”

A new study by the University of Roehampton and Bristol University reveals that fast eaters are more likely to become overweight than slow eaters. Researchers found that adults and children develop larger waistlines and a higher body mass index when they eat too fast. (So, we can still eat fast food, only eat it slowly?)

Police in Florida are looking for the suspect (or suspects) who went for a joyride in something that didn’t belong to them. Deputies say the thieves broke into the Florida Central Railroad yard on Monday…and took a joy ride…in a locomotive! They noticed that the train had been moved and two switches were broken. The little joyride caused about $60,000 in damages.

My question is, do locomotives have ignition keys? Did the engineer leave them tucked up under the sun visor. What happened there?!

And finally,

A private boys school in Australia is all business in the front and party-pooper in the back when it comes to hairstyles. Trinity College in Perth recently made it very clear that it’s not a fan of the mullet. The college sent out a newsletter to students informing them that the mullet is a banned hairstyle and “not acceptable” because it is “untidy.” They also said no matter what you call it, “neck-warmer,” “Kentucky waterfall,” or “achy-breaky-bad-mistakey.” It’s not allowed.