My Dog Didn’t Eat My Homework, He Ate My Microphone!

My Dog Didn’t Eat My Homework, He Ate My Microphone!

A Russian meteorologist was doing a live shot on Friday in Moscow when a dog ran up, grabbed her microphone and then ran off with it! The weather lady chased the dog down the street and eventually caught the dog and went back on live TV with it. She shook the dog’s paw before saying, “The weather is truly perfect, just right for walking your dogs. … That’s all from me.”  Take about a great recovery on live TV. (The Washington Examiner)

Nathaniel Perez was recently arrested for attempting to break into a prison in Enoree, South Carolina. He got caught in razor wire as he was sneaking into the jail with four backpacks full of contraband. Perez was trying to deliver them to several friends. The prison’s director says he has never seen anyone attempt to break in to prison. Isn’t that like trying to break into school…like during the SAT’s? (WLTX)

And finally,

A Nintendo Super Mario Bros. game that was left in a desk drawer for 35 years sold for $660,000 at auction. It was purchased as a Christmas gift in 1986 — and then forgotten … until now. The previous record for most expensive video game was $156,000 for a Super Mario Bros. game from 1990. So, don’t be so quick to throw out the old games…who knows…maybe “Duck Hunt” is worth millions! (Yahoo)