Studying In “Beer Class!”

Studying In “Beer Class!”

If you like a good game of beer pong, heads up, please…a new study says that some beer pong balls can have up to 3 million germs on them. Germs include salmonella, listeria, staph and e. Coli. Ninety percent of the bacteria are harmless. Here’s the funny part, I’m sure some people will hear this, and will wear a mask when they play beer pong…you wait, it’ll happen.

– Now, I’m not making this up, so don’t yell at me…but ‘Chick Beer’ is a real thing. It’s a premium light American lager designed for women. The bottle is designed to reflect the beautiful shape of a woman in a little black dress. The six-pack looks like you’re carrying your beer in a stylish purse. ‘Chick Beer’ won’t weigh you down either, it has just 97 calories and 3.5 carbs per bottle and is lightly carbonated for less of that bloaty feeling…” Their words, not mine.

And finally,

-The Metropolitan State College of Denver is offering a course called Beer 101. Brewmaster John Legnard says the class teaches students smashing techniques, filteration, the chemistry and biology of brewing and how to brew. “We try to take them from being just beer drinkers to beer geeks. And as beer geeks, they take away a new appreciation for a frosty cold one. I’m wondering if “beer class” has a lab to go along with the lecture…and are there pretzels?