Houses Made By IKEA!

Houses Made By IKEA!

IKEA is now selling tiny, pre-built homes. The 187-square foot home is made with recycled materials and delivered on a flatbed trailer. It has a queen-size bed, a collapsible kitchen table and neutral colors. The home starts at $47,500. I’m hoping once assembled, it smells like cinnamon buns and Swedish meatballs…which is really the best part of IKEA. (Boss Hunting)

Budweiser is holding a new contest where they will fly you to the top of a mountain so you can let out your pandemic stress. The “Swear, Sip And Ski” sweepstakes will see winners take a helicopter ride to a Snowbird, Utah mountain top where they will de-stress by screaming profanities at the top of their lungs. The winner will get a free pass for skiing, a cash prize and a two-night stay at a lodge. I’m sure the Mormons of Utah are just  loving this. (Whiskey Riff)

And finally,

Vanessa  Ataides, of Brazil, wants to have the world’s biggest natural butt. She eats six protein-packed meals a day and starts squatting at 4 a.m. every morning. She says, “My diet is planned especially to grow my bum so I can get the biggest bum in the world. I was working out and got addicted to it and wanted to make my bum bigger every day. When I look at my bum I feel that it’s beautiful. I feel like a hottie.” Currently, her bum is 49 inches around. I’m hoping that someday she and Kim Kardashian have the battle of the bums…and as a journalist, I’d have to cover the story.