24 Foot Fingernails!

24 Foot Fingernails!

The woman with the Guinness World Records longest fingernails cut them off after growing them for 28 years. Ayanna Williams broke the record three years ago. Each of her nails measured nearly two-feet long. Altogether, the 10 fingernails laid end-to-end stretched 24-feet. A Fort Worth, Texas dermatologist needed a power rotary tool to cut through the hardened nails layered with four bottles of polish. (See pictures on the MAX FB page.) I have serious questions about keeping personal hygiene with tent-poles for fingers.

Bonus Finder is hiring a Major League Baseball hot dog taste tester. The company is going to pay $500 and expenses for someone to watch baseball while eating ballpark franks. The company’s new employee will eat hot dogs at every Major League ballpark and then rate them on social media. (With eating THAT many hot dogs, it’ll make YOU plump when they cook ’em.)

And finally,

A wedding in China took a very unexpected turn when the mother of the groom figured out that the bride was actually her biological daughter. The woman was getting ready to walk her adopted son down the aisle when she noticed a distinct birthmark on his bride’s hand. It reminded her of the birthmark on her biological daughter whom she gave up for adoption as a baby. The mother asked the bride’s parents if they adopted their daughter and they said yes. Actually, they had kept the adoption a secret until now. Since the bride and groom are not biologically related, their wedding was allowed to go on. Imagine her introducing them to others — “This is my son and his beautiful wife, my daughter.”