Please Adopt My Neurotic, Man-Hating, Animal-Hating, Children Hating Dog!!

Please Adopt My Neurotic, Man-Hating, Animal-Hating, Children Hating Dog!!

A new study by Maastricht University in the Netherlands reveals that drinking a beer a day can double your chances of living to 90. Researchers found that men, who drank a half pint of beer everyday were 81% more likely to reach 90 than non-drinkers. Women, who drink a pint of beer a day increase their chances of living to 90 by 33%. Again, this is one beer a day, it doesn’t work if you miss a week and try to drink a weeks’ worth in one sitting…nice try.

The Quinte News says the Belleville, Canada police recently used a tattoo to identify a fugitive. The 24 year-old had an outstanding warrant for missing a court date. He gave cops a fake name when they questioned him. Officers were able to identify the man…because his real name is tattooed on his forearm. The man was arrested and taken to jail

And finally,

A ‘demonic’ Chihuahua from New Jersey is going viral. Tyfanee Fortuna has been fostering Prancer. The dogs adoption post is making headlines because she wrote: “Ok, I’ve tried. I’ve tried for the last several months to post this dog for adoption and make him sound…palatable. The problem is, he’s just not. There’s not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins. But I have to believe there’s someone out there for Prancer, because I am tired and so is my family. Every day we live in the grips of the demonic Chihuahua hellscape he has created in our home. But as far as companionship, you will never be alone again.” Can’t we just switch Prancer with Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua. and then let the fun begin? (WLNS)