On The Menu Tonight…Roadkill!

On The Menu Tonight…Roadkill!

During a recent interview, the CEO of Uber said that the company is looking into the idea of delivering marijuana. Federal laws are the biggest hurdle for now, but there could be a time when things ease up enough for them to get into that business. And you thought your Uber driver liked dipping into your French Fries, just wait.

Oddity Central says a man from Taiwan recently had his salary cut because he spends too much time in the bathroom at work. The man’s employer estimates that he spent 49 hours in a bathroom stall last month. They deducted $672 from his check. The worker, who is only being identified as Mr A, says, “If I can’t spend time in the bathroom, then I’ll just use my desk as a bathroom.” Sure hope he has his own cubicle!

And finally,

A new Wyoming law allows drivers to take home and eat roadkill for dinner. 30 other states also allow drivers to do the same. Officials say they passed the new law because tons of fresh roadkill meat is going to waste. And, really, who doesn’t hear that dinner bell ring in your head, when you hit a possum doing 80 on Ocean parkway.  (The NY Post)