A UFO Detector!

A UFO Detector!

The Daily Mail says an Australian woman was recently vacuuming her house when she came across a red-bellied snake. It’s the type of snake that is highly venomous and could have caused serious injury. So what did she do? She vacuumed him…sucked him right up into her Hoover! Take that swiffer!

A Maryville, Tennessee woman recently tried to buy gift cards at a local Dollar General store with a fake $1 million bill. The U.S. has never made a $1 million bill. The woman told cops she got the bill from church. They let her off with a warning and banned her from the store. I wonder if she had planned on buying a million things with her one million dollar bill at the dollar store. Although she could buy more at the .99 cent store.  (WFXB)

And finally,

The New Jersey State Park Police recently found and disarmed a UFO detector. It was found in the Wharton State Forest. It was made of headphone wires, that were attached to a block of wood and a soup can. The police Facebooked: “Although human kind and the visitors to New Jersey’s State Parks appreciate an extra-terrestrial warning device like this, we should not be finding them in our State Parks.” I’m sure if Aliens had stumbled upon this when they landed, they would have been quite impressed with our advanced technology. (NBC)